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Bet 365 Bingo ushers in the festive celebrations

  • 09 Oct 09
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Bet 365 Bingo

As well as qualifying you for a massive £25 bonus after you spend £5, joining up at Bet 365 Bingo will now also enter you into their astonishing ‘Million Pound Bonanza’. Read on for more details of this huge new promo….

We do so love a bonanza

Leading the way for other sites to get ready for the festive season, Bet365 Bingo have set up a new promo that will truly knock the socks off its players, and best of all it runs for 80 days of round the bingo world fun. With daily guaranteed jackpots starting at an amazing £5,000 and £8,000 there are so many reasons to get in play every day! Don’t be fooled by the schedule listings with this promo either, their listed daily Bingo Linx games are now double the named prizes, so while this may come as an incredibly nice surprise to players of these games who haven’t read up on the current promo, it’s nice to know in advance especially for those of you who are as sensitive as we at the Hideout are!

Double the fun for all

In this latest promo, you can in fact double your winnings on a simple one line win, two lines and of course on a full house. Eighty days may well be long enough to circumnavigate the globe, but it will also bring us right up to the beginnings of Christmas; we can but imagine what this innovative site has up its sleeve for that time of year!

Sharing in the success 365 days a year

All these extra bonuses come in addition to their already astonishing £1,200,000 monthly guaranteed bingo prizes and free bingo games, so it’s clear to everyone that this site is doing very well right now. With a community of this size (currently three million players) and this strong, it’s no surprise that their success is being passed on to their well loved players and with a choice of 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo there’s also plenty of choice of how to play once you register.


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