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Bingo fans have a gawp at the Giggle Bingo boys – Phwoaaar!

  • 19 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Giggle BingoGiggle Bingo are asking online bingo players to get behind the Giggle Boy campaign, and vote for who they think is the hottest of 8 super Giggle Bingo Chunks of hunk! The Giggle Boys can be found on the Giggle Bingo site and ladies, you won’t be disappointed if you go and take a look.  All the guys featured are exceptionally gorgeous, but for those that like the stripped to the waist, honed, tanned and six pack look, then Paul, CJ, Jun or Chris 1 are the guys to look for.  For those that like their Giggle Bingo men looking a little less muscle and displaying no more than a bit of subtle sophistication then Chris 2 or Daniel are the guys to look out for and for Giggle Bingo fans who like their guys looking a bit more ‘street’ then Felipe is likely to get your vote, and for doleful, soulful puppy dog eyes Sean has that take me home and cuddle me look!

Selection box of Giggle Bingo boys good enough to eat

In fact the Giggle boys campaign is a real selection box of terrific looking men, and no matter what your taste is there will be at least one of the guys who gets your vote – for the writer Chris 2 is right up there in ‘Sex God’ stakes! It’s worth placing your vote because it doesn’t cost anything and there could be the opportunity to actually meet some of the deliciously scrumptious men featured in the campaign.

There are not full details yet of what extra goodies are available to be won by players so it’s best to check the site and join the Giggle Bingo facebook page to receive further updates.  The Giggle Bingo Boys campaign kicks off this weekend (22nd and 23rd May) with events scheduled for London, Cardiff and Manchester.


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