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Bingo Scotland shows us why it’s considered so special

  • 27 Nov 09
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Bingo Scotland

This week we’ve been scrutinsg the Hideout Directory looking at what the quieter site has to offer, and as a result, we rediscovered a site that keeps itself to itself in terms of advertising but that offers a fab way to play and a brilliant community despite that. Bingo Scotland may well sound like a closed community to some, but we’re here to tell you that this site is as welcoming to all players no matter where they’re from in the UK as any other. In fact it’s this extremely warm welcome and community feel that appeals to so many of its loyal players. This comardire is then combined with many amazing Specials to keep players loyal, so it’s no wonder why the Bingo Scotland roomies have such a strong bond with the site.

Feed your inner gadget demon

This site is all about wowing with gadgets and their cool Specials reflect this as well as helping to make one roomies life easier and more fun every day! So let’s take a look at what’s on offer. Well, for the latter part of the week from Thursday though till Saturday you should make sure you’re online from 8pm, since this is the time where the prizes are up for grabs. From an iphone and an iPod on a Thursday to a Playstation, PSP or Nintendo on a Friday, through to a brand new laptop on a Saturday whatever your entertainment needs, Bingo Scotland can help you fulfil them. With cards costing between 50p and £1 you’ll be getting a fairer deal than most in these games and who knows perhaps a treat that the whole family can enjoy just in time for Christmas!

Get Xmas covered

There are a also a range of coveralls to choose from if you’re hungry for a big cash win and these start with the Scot Pot where if you bingo on the lucky number you’ll win a share of the jackpot to the £1,000 Coveralls games on Saturday nights. With a guaranteed £50 payout these games are played between midday to midnight in the Hot Scots Bingo Hall.

There’s also the fab Coverall Peak game where the cash climbs from £1,000 to £5,000 and then again to £10,000! Get in this stupendous game on Wednesdays from 8pm and if you hit the pot, you’re guaranteed to win £500!


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