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Bingo that is out of this world

  • 21 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Gala Bingo

Looking for a new way to enjoy your favourite game? Why not give Galaxy Bingo a go over at gala bingo uk right now? The latest new game to come online for this industry giant, this bright new star out shines the rest offering a new jackpot as well as fab prizes.

Keeping you on your toes

Even for those who have been playing bingo for many years, this new game presents a challenge as you have to watch for lines in rows, columns and diagonals as well as the current pattern in play! So only wide awake eyes down for this game we think, or else you may miss out on one of the many brilliant prizes from gala bingo.

You’re a star, yes you are

There’s even a multitude of bonuses to be found in this game; in fact if you find a star you’ll have an extra instant win bonus to pick up when all the excitement’s done. What more could you want? How about free play? Yes, there’s even a £5 bonus to play with if you deposit £25 on Galaxy Bingo and you’ll be credited with another bingo bonus; now that really is a package worth checking out! Simply quote the reference code GALAXY when you transfer funds and you’ll be starring in another game for free.

A diamond in the rough

If you’re not a winner at the bingo however, why not try the latest scratchie from galabingo.co.uk, the Golden Balls card? It’s simple, it’s fun and all you have to do is prove you have the Goldenballs to play. Match a line of three symbols to pick up the prize; and you may win more than a carrot or two.

These new games are yet further examples of how fantastic Gala Bingo is at dreaming up new versions of the best games around so that we never get tired of playing. Their innovation and willingness to try something new is what sets them apart from other sites, and why we and so many others love them, so get over to Gala and we’re sure you’ll soon have stars in your eyes too.

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