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Can Foxy Street and Bucky Bingo sort out your pre-Christmas worries?

  • 05 Oct 09
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Foxy Bingo

Although to most of us it may come as a surprise that some online bingo sites are preparing for Christmas by setting up pre-Xmas games and bonuses as early as October, it’s also true that the more organised among you may already be thinking of buying your presents now to save on the last minute rush. If you are lucky enough to be one of these saint like like organisers, we have a few suggestions of how you can treat your favourite roomies, so that even you can save time planning! After all, what could be better than with some bingo merchandise to celebrate your friendship’s common ground?

Share your shared love

As most of you will know, Foxy Bingo has just set up its own web shop Foxy Street. This site is perfect for when you’ve run out of time to get round the shops for a birthday and need a value for money treat or better still for stocking up early on Foxy treats for those that love Foxy’s winsome charm. With everything from cute cuddly teddies to Foxy branded clothes, bags and even umbrellas, Foxy can now keep you and your mates looking good no matter what the weather! In fact you and your mates can now even update your work station with a fab Desk Set so you can shout your love of the Foxmeister without even uttering a word. Winner!

Enough treats to get you grooving

Another site that has the merchandise angle all sewn up is the fab Bucky Bingo. This site is set and ready to show you how a groovy disco master can brighten up your life or that of your favourite roomie as well as a few cool moves too! With everything from key rings, fridge magnets and even talking standees, Bucky himself can demonstrate your appreciation of the game to everyone who comes into your room by charming them with his chat!

And there’s more……

Of course there are plenty of other sites out there that specialise in un branded bingo gifts too, and here you’ll be able to find everything from home bingo games to daubers and baby shower bingo cards. Giving a gift that both parties enjoy is often the best way to deal with what to buy the ‘person who has everything’, and the best thing about this is that you may also be able to enjoy it together.


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