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Celebrity endorsements – what does it all mean?

  • 24 Apr 08
  • Written by admin

There are an increasing number of celebrities smiling back at us from big-name bingo sites such as
Gala Bingo,
Foxy Bingo and
888 Ladies.
With names such as Stuart Hall, Sharon Osbourne, and Vic Reeves keen to get in on the action, what does endorsement like this mean for the players and for the games themselves?

When we consider that Vic Reeves is happy to get up in drag and act like a loon for a bit of the online bingo action, this question becomes even more relevant. In the case of Mr Reeves, Bingo Hideout thinks that players are enticed by the humour of these ads and the sense of fun that his drag act demonstrates – and in this case the celebrity
reflects the site perfectly.

Celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne at
Gala Bingo, Kerry Katona at
Bingos.co.uk and Jordan over at
Foxy Bingo,
are good examples of strong women who know their own minds enough to turn their lives into a rags-to-riches storyline. Each are associated with sites that our members favour and love to play on, so what’s the attraction?

These women are household celebrities who everyone can relate to, whether it’s just through their notoriety and high profile personal lives, or the sense of their having been the girl next door that turned their own world around. It’s no coincidence that these women are held up as examples of how a small fortune can change your life. Although you won’t find your name splashed all over the tabloids for getting a full house (unless it’s a record breaking win) the illusion that you’re associated with a celebrity – even on such a small level – creates a feeling of security and trust.

Although no one here is questioning the encryption safety values of these big name sites, if you think the idea signing up with someone who feels ‘like one of us’ means you can be as rich as these women, rethink your approach to the site. The idea that a glamorous lifestyle can be bought into in this way i.e. by simply playing online bingo has its limitations. None of these women has got where they are today from a single win – their single-minded business approach to life has.

Our advice is play on a site because you enjoy it and it has like-minded roomies on board. Celebrities are fun but they are not our friends, whereas roomies who root for you to win and then celebrate with you are. Regardless of whose face and or voice is featured on the site you play they themselves will not be contacting you, so focus on those
voices you hear in your favourite halls every time you play instead!

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