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Costa Bingo feels the heat of a life of luxury

  • 16 Nov 09
  • Written by

Costa Bingo

While many sites have got on the X Factor bandwagon -geddit?- this month, there is only one site that offers you the chance to be a part of the lifestyle those on the show enjoy!

You say you want a revolution, well you know we’re all doing what we can!

Yes, as if Costa Bingo the revolutionary site which already offers free games for cash prizes couldn’t get any better, how about the offer to drive the most luxurious of cars -a brand spanking new Ferrari- for the weekend? Oh, and how about some extra cash to spend while you drive it around?

Giving you the chance to live the dream as well as enjoy the show, it’s an understatement to say that this site is amazingly generous and at the moment it’s offering this superb prize on a weekly basis! All you have to do in order to feel like Simon Cowell (is that such a good thing?) for a weekend is to collect tourney points every week and you’ll not only find yourself top of the leaderboard, but at the top end of a unique driving experience!

What do points make?

In order to earn these coveted points, all you have to do is deposit and get in the costabingo.com pay-to-play games, be the biggest single winner of the day, or bingo on the X pattern!

For every £10 you deposit here you’ll earn 3 points. Outside of that you will earn one point for excellent play, so get in the game and soon you could be enjoying the most stylish -and free- shopping trip of your life! While this prize alone would be enough to get most of us pre-buying and wagering, there’s even more to this promo than meets the eye. Just when you thought they couldn’t do much more for their players, there will be a further nine players receiving cash prizes on top of the lucky four who will have the drive of their lives, so why any online bingo player wouldn’t want to get involved is beyond us!

Lucky number seven

If you’re thinking of joining Costa in order to change where the New Year is going to take you, don’t forget to get involved with the fab Happy Hour special that’s always on offer at this amazing site. Every player at this site not only gets to play loadsa freebie games, but as a regular roomie also earns a Happy Hour of their very own.

This unique offer means you can earn up to 50% cashback on games you play, so make sure you have time on your hands when you’re online. What’s more,depending on your player level (players go from being a Blue member to Gold member status) you can earn from 5% to a massive 50% cashback in these hours for seven whole days! Winner!


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