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Costa Bingo outshine themselves

  • 26 Nov 09
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Costa Bingo

We at the Hideout have been saying since their launch back in the Summer how Costa Bingo is clearly one of the most generous online bingo sites around. Last week however this amazing site excelled themselves beyond all previous measure and astonished even us, their biggest fans!

Alright Treacle?

Since the costabingo.com site is famous for being one of the first to provide free games for cash prizes -a move that changed the face of online bingo in the UK forever- you’d think that having guaranteed pots of up to £50 for full houses would be enough to make them happy, but you’d be wrong.

Last week upped their own game by giving away their biggest ever PJP to player Treacle12345 who won a massive £1,822.53! While those of you who are as yet unfamiliar with the site will be surprised to hear that this site offers a PJP at all, those of us who are regular players are pleased it went to a good roomie and we’re waiting for the 90-ball game to get big again so we can try our luck next time!

Still feeling sceptical?

For those of you that still doubt that Costa Bingo could come up with an impressive prize pot of the back of what is for the main part a free play site, we’re here to tell you different.

It all begins with Costa Fiesta where they turn the beginning of the working week into a Magic Monday for one player. If you’re lucky to hit it big here, you’ll take home £1,500 and for only a 10p stake. This jackpot is guaranteed, as is the £200 pot on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Best of all these games cost only a penny and are played twice at 8pm and 9.30pm. You can also live your Dreams on Wednesday when the pot holds £1,500 or go Crazy on Friday for £3,000. With all these huge pots up for grabs and the most expensive tickets only costing you 25p, you’d be mad to miss out, so get over to Costa today and see why the sun always shines on these roomies.

Time to thank the players

As if all that wasn’t enough to convince you that this site is amazingly magnanimous, take a look at their having donated £1 for every winner on the Pudsey pattern last week in honour of Children in Need. We all know what a worthy cause this charity is, and the fact of Costa’s willingness to help makes us feel even more admiration for them, congratualtions!


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