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Do you love Fancy Graphics?

  • 21 Mar 08
  • Written by admin

Download online bingoSince Bingo Hideout has been looking at many sites this week that offer the latest software to heighten your game experience, we thought we’d delve a little further into the matter and try to find out how important interactivity is to our members.

It’s obvious to us that download sites are not a turn off for our members – after all,
our members’ current number one site is a download-orientated site. Although only a recent addition to the clan,

Blackpool Club Bingo has taken off and shot into the number one hotspot.

To download or not download, that is the question

Download games now feature twice in our top 10 with Bingo Liner creeping up the stakes in popularity too. Our latest new download site to join,

Bingo Café
, is a sister site to

Bingo Liner
and we are sure it will prove as popular if not more so as players are now familiar with the set up and the user-friendly interfaces involved in these games. With sites such as

Bingo Day
receiving four out of five stars from our members, these sites seem as popular if not increasingly so than instant play games.

So what’s the appeal?

Put simply, the main appeal is more choice of how to play. Downloaded games offer players a lot more interactivity than instant games, so if you’re looking for a “Mini You” who traverses ocean liners and cafés meeting people and chatting to bar tenders, download any sites that utilise LeapFrog software.

Game Village

Instant games are just as worthy of play as the more graphic intensive download games and with innovative sites such as

Game Village
(which has shot into our members top 10 at number two) being launched all the time it’s not necessary to download unless you want the 3-D feel. Game Village is a happy medium between the two extremes combining simple images with a complex idea you can move into the Village itself and ‘meet’ the people on your street.

However, this is not a download game, so you will not meet anyone face to face; this ingenious idea is suggestive of a whole new world where perhaps in the future downloads will be optional rather prescriptive in order to enhance current game features.

Check your system

Instant games have the benefit of being streamed straight through your browser and so do not take up any of your system’s memory whereas downloaded games will sit in your hard drive whether you play regularly or not. Before you download any game, make sure your system has the required space and hardware for you to get the most from it.

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