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Don’t let the temptations of Halloween trick you out of bingo bonuses

  • 29 Oct 08
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Online bingo HalloweenIt has to be said that promotions and other bingo bonuses have been a little thin on the ground this month across the whole bingo spectrum. Of course now that Halloween's here, things have considerably picked up in terms of prizes and jackpots.

Although we all knew the spooky celebrations are what has caused this delay, it's worth remembering that it is the end of the month when most people are waiting for the next payday.

Save the pennies

If you're the sort of player who enjoys a monthly tourney you may well feel a little cheated by this approach to promos this month, but don't blow your budget on one night and leave yourself short for next month.

Of course, it's to be expected that November is also going to be quite a quiet month, but let's not forget that Christmas is only round the corner and that's when all sites get out the promotion and bingo bonus big guns.

Christmas comes early at Betfred

In fact, you may have heard that Betfred have already started their Christmas promotions. This is a startling move from any bingo site, but by bypassing the rush for one night of celebration, Betfred are clearly thinking of playing the long game with the Xmas celebrations this year.

Bingo fireworks to come?

We are hoping for a good stock of promotions to share with you next month – and not just for Guy Fawkes’ day. If these ghostly hopes do not appear it can only mean we'll all have more money put by for the giant Christmas celebrations.

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