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Down in the Village – The Game Village!

  • 23 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

Game Village Bingo With a populace of 97,000 the name Game Village Bingo actually seems a little misleading on the face of it! Once you’ve moved in however you’ll soon see why they have settled on this name. The wonderful community feel here is as close knit as that in any village and with landmark games from the surrounding area as well as roomies that live on the same road as you, there’s plenty to be said for moving in here permanently.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

Signing up for this site involves choosing a house and a street to live on – it feels like joining a club with exclusive members. Unlike other sites that only need your details to join, this site offers you a fantastic free 30-day trial to give you a feel for the virtual area the bingo games take place in. During your 30-day trial you can accrue points while in play, which you can then enter into the Game Village Bingo free prize draws. That effectively means you could get something for nothing – something we at Bingo Hideout are very much in favour of.

If you sign up to Game Village Bingo after the trial period you’ll also receive £20 free with no deposit required and a cash match of up to £100 which you can then spend anywhere on the site including on slots.

Have your mates move in too

Although the graphics are brilliant on this site you don’t need to download anything to play other than the latest version of Flash. Once you have this you can go on to becoming a homeowner and enjoy these games straight away.

Once you are a homeowner you can start to build up your own private quarter of the village by inviting your mates to move in too. The “Refer A Homeowner” feature means that by simply having an ally to play with on site, you and your friend can earn a bonus of £25. Game Village Bingo will also give you an extra 25,000 points for bringing in a new player which can be used while meeting others on your street and getting to play some of the best online bingo games we’ve seen.

Visit the Village Inn and go out with the jackpot

With bingo games from as little as 5p and a choice of Dingo and Supergems for only 50p you can have a whole lot of gaming pleasure for very little. With a huge choice of daily and weekly promotions to keep you entertained there’s always somewhere in the Village to visit no matter what hour of the day and people to greet you when you arrive.


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