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Fly your favourite airline for free at Bingonanza.

  • 01 Feb 08
  • Written by admin

Up and away with Bingonanza Once again this week there are some great offers and games over at Bingonanza for you to check out; some our favourites this week include their new incentive for collecting Bonus Points (BP’s) the idea of flying with ‘Nanza Airlines’, and the idea of a Norty chat night on Fridays!

Nanza Airlines is the name of the new promotion allowing you to collect airmiles every time you play one of the special games. The aim of the game is to fly to Nanzaland, an imaginary place of bingoing dreams a mere 400 miles away.

Up, up and away

How it works is simple, Bingonanza collect all the numbers you bingo on, converting them to airmiles to decide how far you can get on their airline for both you and your “Nabors” (1 up and 1 down). This promo is a great way to spice things up if you’re a regular or if you’ve just become a member (don’t forget to pick up your 100% bonus sign up match if you have just joined).

There’s even an extra way to get bonus airmiles too in this fantastic promotion; if you bingo on a number ending in a 0 you’ll qualify for 25 Nanza Airmiles (NAs), and if you bingo on more than one card during play you can win an extra 25 NAs! Sharing a bingo call will also get you a further 25 NAs, so there are plenty of ways to win even if you don’t bingo yourself.

Where’s Nanzaland?

The object of this game is to get to Nanzaland before everyone else, and the player who collects the distance in airmiles first will win 50BPs to stash in their Bingonanza account, and the runner up gets 40BPs.

Bingo Hideout is also looking forward to joining in on “Norty Night”, where we are warned that the content of the chat is going to be very adult with ‘profanity and sexual suggestions’ during the chat. Not for the faint-hearted this one, and turning the standard chat etiquette rules on their head for four hours of a Friday night, the warning is clear: don’t join in at the Indigo Lounge between 9pm and 1am if you’re easily offended!

Special chat games such as Norty Novelties, Pass the Salami, I Found My Cherry, B.O.B. Races and Poke Your Nabors will be brought into play during Norty Night, with Norty Novelties being an Exempt chat game with £10 of BP’s being given away.


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