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Friday Nights are Never Dull at M8ts Bingo

  • 14 Sep 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altM8ts Bingo is all about the social factor and playing in groups, so if you feel secluded going solo, this site is perfect for you. There’re plenty of opportunities to get to know your fellow roomies and form some firm friendships, all whilst playing some top-notch 75-ball and 90-ball games.

Friday nights are one of the highlights of the working week, and if your diary’s empty, there’s no excuse to have a boring night in. There are five different themed events to choose from, where you’ll find guaranteed fun as well as jackpots, quiz challenges, riddles, chat games and more.

If you like brain-teasers, then join in the Treasure Trail on Fridays between 9pm and 11pm in the Treasure Room. This trivia chat game involves your host asking seven questions, and you and your group members will need to answer as many as you can correctly to solve the riddle. Not only could you earn bonus bucks along the way, but you’ll also have the chance to win a group cash pot, with double the winnings!

Those of you who like a bit of romance in your lives will really enjoy Love Night, which takes place in the Love Room between 9pm and 11pm. As well as themed chat games and free sessions, there’ll be guaranteed jackpots up for grabs.

Head to the Super Room at M8ts Bingo on Friday evenings for two hours-worth of 90-ball fun and frolics. There are guaranteed jackpot prizes up for grabs, double payouts, and freebie games. Alternatively, for a stellar evening’s entertainment, visit the Star Room between 9pm and 11pm, and take part in celebrity-themed games for the chance to win one of six group cash pots.

Your fifth choice comes in the form of Viva Bingo! It’s Friday night’s biggest party, so grab your buddies and come and enjoy the fun. 90-ball action is the order of the day, and you’ll find free sessions, chat-room challenges, and bonus prizes on offer. If you’re a member of a Live group, and you win a jackpot payout, you could be winning twice over.

If you’re a social butterfly, then M8ts will feel like your home-from-home. Every week, they pick the most active player, crown them M8t of the Week, and reward them with a £5 bonus. So shake things up in the chat-rooms by being friendly, fun, and sharing a bit of gossip here and there, and it could be you who takes the title!

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