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Gala Bingo goes gaga for cash-rich casino games

  • 17 Nov 09
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Gala Bingo

As if having their own TV show wasn’t enough, Gala Bingo have now branched into the realms of bringing live games to you. This is good news for those of you who fancy something a little different once in a while, since their live casino makes perfect viewing!

Keeping it real

It’s long been recognised that an increasing number of men are moving over from the traditional casino sites and joining online bingo sites due to the huge jackpots on offer. Since casino games appeal to both male and female players, this latest addition to the already extensive Gala empire could prove to bring in more players than ever.

With live versions of Classic Roulette, Global Roulette, Euro Roulette and Live Roulette, everyone can now get a taste of what it’s like to have a splurge in a cash-rich environment. With the ever-increasing popularity of casino games in mind, gala bingo uk has now introduced 3D graphics for as little as 50p. So why not try your bingo lucky number out in another game? It could win you as much as £1,000!

Get in the main game

If you’re a bit more ‘old school’ a player and just love online bingo, don’t forget that playing here can earn you a bit more than a few BBz in your account even if you don’t hit the pot while in play.

As one of the countries’ top sites, galabingo joined forces with Nectar to offer their loyal players a bit more than most. In fact spending £1 on online bingo here will earn you an extremely generous 2 Nectar points.These points are easily converted to fab ‘thank you’ prizes from your favourite site, so they are invaluable.

Simply register your Nectar card on site and from there, you can rack up points alongside those you collect at your weekly shop. All these extra points should add up so that by the time you come round to doing your present shopping, your Christmas list should look considerably less daunting! Points can be used towards travel, a nice tipple and even fun days and nights out to mention just a few of the fab offers!

Get wise to the honey

If you don’t already have a Nectar card, it’s easy to sign up at their main site and from there you can get collecting from Gala and all your favourite shops. You’ll even find exclusive offers on the Nectar site, so don’t miss out; if you’re a Gala fan make sure you get back what’s on offer!


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