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Game Village Bingo are as lucky as your monkey’s cousin

  • 22 Sep 09
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Game Village Bingo

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s all about the number twelve this month at Game Village Bingo. After their inspired Christmas promo last month, it’s time for the number 12 (as in the 12 days of Christmas?) to step into the limelight. In fact, watching out for this lucky number at the Village Inn could win you a tasty £1,200. Get in the game daily from 11.30pm and make like a baker for a tasty treat!

A dozen reasons why this site is so much fun

Homeowners could also win twelve games of twelve cards in Elimination Bingo if they bingo first on this lucky number. Deposit £12 at any time during the month and you could also win £5 just for appreciating the number of the month. Simply email the Village Elders to let them know you’ve called bingo on the number 12 and you’ll receive your free cards!

Twelve steps to winning?

Twelve just keeps on giving at Game Village Bingo this month with 12% cash back given to the twelve players who spend the most on bingo without winning every day. This offer extends up to a maximum of £50 so get spending and you could still be a winner with the lucky number 12 even if you don’t bingo!

Make your mark where it matters

While we sure do love the promo ideas they dream up at this pretty little village at the Hideout, we also love their ongoing offers, such as the chance to become the Villager of the Month. That’s right, the Game Village Community Team work hard to ensure that there is a true sense of grass roots spirit ever growing at this site, and in order to promote the sense they make being an active Village member more than worthwhile. On top of this, they even award the most dynamic and considerate villager in a month £50 as a thank you. Never before has being a good neighbour in play and on your street been so appealing!

As if earning cash for just being a good player wasn’t enough, how about getting a cash prize while you’re out and about? Simply tell the Community Team your mobile number and you could find a nice little prize in your inbox while you’re out grabbing lunch!


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