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Game Village why you’ll never leave….

  • 07 Oct 09
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Game Village

As you might expect the month of Halloween for us is all about finding out about the tricks sites have up their sleeves and of course the treats they have on offer before we get a big surprise. One site that has both these seasonal extremities covered is the inimitable Game Village. Always quick off the mark with unusual promos that capture it’s communities imagination, this site is truly one of our favourites at the Hideout. With such ingenious ways to create and maintain a real sense of camaraderie on this site, the promos are indeed an added bonus to what is already very much a solid community. This said however, let’s take a look at what they have up their Halloween costumed sleeves this month since it’s sure to be superb fun…

Right on the ball

Even though it’s only the beginning of October, Game Village Bingo haven’t forgotten the spooky celebrations to be held at the end of the month, and they have geared all this months promos toward it! Starting with the chance to win tickets to see the fab Wicked show, as those of you who love Dorothy will already know, this play is about the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. To get your tickets, all you have to do is collect twenty five stars every week this month and you’ll find yourself in the prize draw! Don’t forget to click your heels three times to go home after the show is finished though!

They sure know how to throw a party

There will also be a 12 hour Halloween party at the village this month (let’s hope it’s not in my house), but before that takes off make sure you’re watching out for the lucky number 31 while you’re in play. If you’re the lucky one to bingo on that number this month, you’ll find a bonus of £31 in your account at the end of the month.

Who said 13 was an unlucky number?

Better still, aim to put your deposits in at thirteen minutes past any hour this month at gamevillage.com. Those who manage it will receive a freebie prize within 24 hours and with free cards, points, cash and even gifts up for grabs, we suggest you set your reminder alarm and get on the case.


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