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Getting players back in the Hall?

  • 20 Feb 09
  • Written by admin

Bingo AssociationThere have been many articles across the entire bingo world over the last year that have suggested that the combination of the growth of the online bingo sector and the increase in taxes has put an undue strain on upon live bingo halls, and is responsible for the decline in public interest in the terrestrial halls. We have this week proof that bingo online can in fact help and support its forbearer and best of all, it comes from an industry expert whose credentials no one could question.

All publicity is good publicity

Paul Talboys, Chief Executive of the Bingo Association has spoken out this week of how “With the proliferation of online bingo advertising on TV, the product is in front of everybody all the time.” His suggestion that having a constant number of adverts reminding viewers that bingo is fun is enough to stimulate the regeneration of land based bingo, giving it a further boost after developments within the industry as to how to involve smokers in games once more such as the new outside consoles from Gala.

This positive spin on advertising developments for internet bingo that have occurred in the last year or so also comes in the light of the superb news that finally Gerry Sutcliffe has conceded to sign the amended Gambling Act allowing the number of category B3 machines in land based halls to be increased from four to eight.

Top of the shop

We’re always pleased to hear of stories about live bingo which have a positive spin, since we believe that it’s irresponsible to ignore a part of our history which is in decline. Here at the Hideout we have often spoken of the joys of live bingo and encouraged our members to visit their local halls every now and again; after all once the hall is gone, it’s gone.

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