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Golden Hat Bingo, Feb 14th, £14,000 jackpot

  • 13 Feb 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altGolden Hat Bingo is in the mood for love; and to prove it they have a very special promotion on Valentine’s day called, ‘Valentine special’. So, on the 14th Feb in the guaranteed Linx Game there is a cool £14,000 jackpot prize fund for some very lucky online bingo players to try to win. Now with a prize fund that size players will be tripping over themselves to take part.  The good news is that because this is a 90 ball bingo game there will be a full house, one line and two line win possible.  The full house offers £8k – and with a cash bingo win that big, you could take your loved one on a trip of a life time, buy a room full of red roses as well as a sparkler to die for. OK, OK there are other things you can do with that sort of money but as it will be Valentine’s day, surely there should be some romance involved! The prize for a 2 line win is £4k and a win on one line £2k, both prizes that could equally be used to make your Valentine’s heart skip a beat.  How could you not spoil that special someone.

That’s not all folks!

As if a £14,000 Jackpot in the Guaranteed Linx room was not enough to play for, Golden Hat Bingo has more to tempt their online bingo players on the 14th Feb. There are also three £10 High Street Vouchers to win and online bingo chums there are no real losers as Golden Hat Bingo are giving 20% cash back on losses to all their online bingo players in this game. Now that is guaranteed! You can find this 90 ball ‘Valentine Special’ bingo game in the Golden Villa room playing prompt at 10.30 pm and you can pre-purchase you tickets today! So what are you waiting for? However you must prebuy tickets by the 13th Feb so do not forget, unlucky day maybe for some but don’t let it be you. Who would want to miss out on the chance of winning this lovely Bingo Jackpot?

Love is not everything

Or is it? OK so there is lots of romantic stuff going on at Golden Hat Bingo at the moment like: Love gig (Which I mentioned last week) along with Valentine Special for the 14th and there are other promotions that you can check out as well with a romantic theme. However if all this loved up stuff is not for you there is plenty more to play for without the romance attached so do not despair: It is worth checking out Golden Hat Bingo site’s Top Golden Games and Golden Jackpots along with their many other online bingo promotions. So, online bingo buddies if love is not in the air for you a fantastic prize could certainly still be, at Golden Hat Bingo, the Golden site of online bingo fun.


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