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How the Ladies are meeting the A list

  • 26 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Bloke Bingo

Having picked up the poker promo that’s being hosted by 888 ladies this month, we thought we’d check out what else is going on in the world of bingo for men at the moment. With this in mind, the first place to stop off is of course, Bloke Bingo. If you are a bloke looking for a quick game without all the pinkness of the girly sites, join up here for a £250 cash match package which includes a free £1 to play with.

Free stuff? What could be better?

Bloke Bingo also has free bingo every Sunday from midday to midnight and as if that wasn’t enough, you can even win guaranteed cash prizes in these games. Wow. That’s not all that’s free at blokebingo.com either since the site knows what blokes want it also gives consoles, games and dvds regularly too. For example this month blokebingo.com are running a free prize draw of £70 worth of play.com stuff all you have to do is register and play and you’ll be entered into this fab prize draw!

Let the games begin

As you would expect, this site has a very good variety of sidegames in addition to their fab graphic bingo games. With choices of slots, casino and mini games. One of the more fun features of this site is choosing whether you are an evil robot or a good robot when you sign in. With the top five of evil and good games and dvd releases updated regularly you can play your favourite game and make a note of the latest thing on the market that will appeal to your cheeky side or your soft side depending on how you feel.

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