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How to have an amazing bingo month…

  • 25 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Bingo Day

We know it’s still April, but you must have noticed how we love to give you a heads up on anything we learn about at the Hideout, so in keeping with our ‘spoiler’ tradition, here’s what we’ve learned this week about May promos from Bingo Day.

All change please

With upcoming changes to the schedule of all bingo rooms in the near future, it’s a good idea to check where you’re favourite games are being hosted and at what time for the month of May. Once you’re up to speed with the new agenda however, consider these cool promos and pencil the dates of these games in your diary at the same time….

Wish you were where?

First up, the chance to win a massive £3,000 toward the holiday of your dreams from bingoday.com. The lucky winner of the Pack Your Bags promo will take away £2,500 in holiday vouchers and a further £500 in spending money, so there’s plenty to play for. This particular monthly promo is our favourite kind since all you have to do to get in the game is deposit to be entered. In fact every time you deposit £20 in May you’ll get another entry and hence more chances to win. Players of this fantastic site will already know it’s no problem to deposit here since it’s a secure and fun site which offers superb promos year-round, but if you’ve never had a good Bingo Day yet this month, why not try your hand now and see if you could be the one booking your trip to the destination of your dreams?

Are you a champion of bingo?

There’s also the upcoming Magnificent May Contest to take part in, so get ready to play bingo in earnest once the 1st arrives. For this crazy contest you’ll have to rack up as many games as possible before the 13th. Between the 13th and 15th, the top five ranking players on game numbers will go head to head to see who reigns supreme and each will win a bingo bonus from between £100bbs to 10bbs.

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