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How to have the Monopoly on bingo fun with Jackpot Joy

  • 18 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

Jackpot Joy

Whether you like playing with the dog, the iron or the old boot, we all love the game Monopoly. A family favourite for generations, player of online bingo have watched the game grow up and transform itself over the last year or so into instants, multi-line slots and now an entire tourney!

Try not to go to jail!

That’s right, Jackpot Joy have done what no other UK online bingo site has yet managed and taken this winning formula to its logical conclusion allowing its players to play Monopoly month and win guaranteed cash prizes along the way!

So, onto the important bit, how do you play? Well, you’ll be sent a free property to get your portfolio started, and if you collect a complete set of property cards, you’ll win their cash value! To get more properties, all you have to do is bet £20 or more in a day and you’ll be sent another property; with these in your clutches you may well be on the way to making a mint!

Keep your cards close to your chest

That’s not all though, you can also win bonuses across the Monopoly board if you turn over a Chance or a Community Chest card, or you may fine a Free Parking ticket in your email that’s worth a guaranteed £10! If that wasn’t enough, there had to be another twist on the traditional game, so how about the Token Bonus? Simply pick your favourite from the tokens shown, and you could pick up this little extra too.

Lastly, there’s a bank error of 5,000 in Bingo Gold’s favour every Wednesday and Friday night at 9pm, so help them to pass it on to those that matter most the loyal players of Jackpot Joy!

How do you like to play?

Bingo Gold is just one of the seven fantastic bingo rooms at Jackpot Joy, so if you’ve never played there before, it’s worth knowing that they have Bingo 100, Bingo 20, Bingo Lounge, Two Full House Bingo rooms, Price is Right and Bingo Gold rooms to choose from every day. With everything from huge progressive jackpots to cheap as chips games to choose from you’ll have no problems staying occupied at this dynamic site. In fact, with other games such as Deal or no Deal and Family Fortunes to keep you playing, you will have no end of fun playing here and no trouble earning more property cards!


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