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Ladbrokes Bingo’s fairy is let loose once more

  • 03 Nov 09
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Ladbrokes Bingo

If you’re looking for nothing short of a miracle to cheer you up after the sudden season change, how about playing on a site who wants to send a real life fairy who wants to share a huge amount of money your way?

Starting her flight of fancy on Thursday of this week, you have till the 1st November to catch her eye so make sure you get in play over at Ladbrokes Bingo as soon as possible! Sharing an enormous £15,000 with roomies across the site, all you have to do is have Lady Luck on your side while in play, as only players who have bought tickets in the game prior to her appearance will be eligible. We advise making sure you’ve got a hold of your lucky mascot whenever you log in; we’ve got ours lined up on our desks!

As if that’s not enough, she will also be ditching the Halloween outfit and coming back soon after as the Bonfire Bingo Fairy, so even if you don’t charm her before the 1st, you could still see fireworks before the middle of next month!

What a weekend for fangs of bingo!

If you’re up for a serious session on what is truly the Spookiest Saturday of the year, you really should spend it at Ladbrokes between 7 and 11pm. With over £10,000 worth of prize money there are too many reasons to play this Halloween! All Saints Day also has plenty to offer those who survive the excitement of Saturday night at this fab site, so get in the Snug between 11am and 3pm. Cash rewards abound at this time so you’ll even pick up a huge prize for a one liner, so use Ladbrokes as the perfect antidote to your spooky party fun this Sunday!

More than some can handle…

Ladbrokes also offers Multi-Room play for those of you who love to have extra fun on top of the normal bingo shannangans. Since Ladbrokes offer 90, 80 and 75-ball fun why just stick with what you know? Simply enter one of the main rooms as usual and click ‘add’ from the drop down menu to bring up more choices. You can add up to a further two rooms and you could have as many as three rooms open at any one time! You can even choose to join in chat with any of these extra rooms if you spot a conversation you’d like to be a part of!


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