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Live bingo shows further indicators of trouble

  • 27 Feb 09
  • Written by admin

Despite the recent good news that the legal number of category B3 machines are to be increased in every bingo hall across the country, we at the Hideout are still hearing whispers that indicate trouble in the live bingo world. We reported last year on the cancellation of the Bingo Association’s Bingo Caller of the Year awards ceremony but we have now heard that their publication Bingo Link has also been suspended. These sad knock on effects are still happening after a terrible year for live bingo, and we’ll probably still see things looking bad for live bingo until well after the re-installation of these essential machines.

Where’s our link to bingo?

The last edition of live bing o’s leading quarterly magazine was last published in July 2008, and shows no sign of being picked up again until the news in the world of terrestrial bingo picks up. As followers of this site will have noticed their are still posts regarding the biggest headlines being posted on this site, but there is often no main article that accompanies the text.

The show must go on

We try our best to keep you up to date with all the latest in the world of live bingo here at the Hideout, but with important sources like the Bingo Association site dropping off the radar, keeping abreast of the big stories becomes harder even for us, which is why we are encouraging the owners of the Bingo Link site to come back online as soon as possible.

Here at the Hideout we would love to see someone take up the mantle of this site’s content again since the world of live bingo could do with a boost and players need to know what is going on behind the scenes. In fact with stories like that of Gala Bingo‘s record breaking bingo winner last year to promote, revitalising this site could prove to its critics that terrestrial bingo is still able to fight it’s corner.

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