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March madness at Littlewoods Bingo

  • 11 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Littlewoods Bingo

Check out the March madness going on over at Littlewoods Bingo right now! From £3,000 free in their latest new game to five Sony 32″ TV’s to be won you’ll have no problems reading the numbers on the screen the next time you play telly bingo. In fact no matter how bad your eyes are these prizes will give your mince pies such a feast you may even forget about online bingo while your favourite shows are on!

So what do you need to do?

The best thing about this promo is all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is enjoy your favourite game. That’s right play bingo for cash at littlewoodsbingo.com before the end of April and you’ll be entered into the draw for a HD ready experience that will change the way you view forever.

Tri lottery; three items better than any other

So, I hear you cry how do we get our hands on the £3,000 prize? Well, my lovelies once again Littlewoods Bingo have proved that the start of spring has sent them a little loopy by setting up this the second of their deposit led promos. Every time you deposit in March you’ll get an entry to the Tri-Lottery games which are to be held on the 30th March at 6pm. All three games have prizes of £1,000 and all you have to do is check the number sequence printed on your ticket throughout the games, and you could be having a grand old celebration later that evening.

Forgot your diary?

Despite how easy it is to remember how to get involved with these and the many other promos we tell you about, even the spies at the Hideout can sometimes find it hard to remember the schedule of the main games. That’s why sites such as littlewoodsbingo.com who set up bingo alerts systems are among our favourites. Register today and you’ll never miss a big game again.

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