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Mecca Bingo 90 ball £10k jackpot games to end soon

  • 01 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoThe Mecca Bingo 90 ball £10k daily jackpot games are nearing their end, so if you haven’t taken the opportunity to play yet then you better hope over to Mecca to get playing quick.  The £10,000 daily jackpot games have been a resounding success, so much so that they were voted to be continued during April by the Mecca Bingo players themselves. The fun though is about to end with the last games being played on May 6th.

Noon is the time of a possible easier win

To refresh your memories about the games or if you have missed our previous news about them, the £10,000 daily jackpot games offer a guaranteed £10k in prize money for the winner who manages to call in 33 balls or less.  If the game isn’t won by midday each day then the qualifying ball count gradually increases making a win easier, until ultimately a winner will be found. If the game has not been won by the end of the day then a win is forced so that a new prize can be offered the following day.  Another way the Mecca Bingo £10k daily jackpot game differs from others online bingo games is that ALL the players who bought tickets with deposited cash in the winning game, also win a share of a further £1,000 prize pool.

It’s OK the 75 ball daily £1k game still continues

Mecca Bingo very kindly launched the £1k guaranteed 75 ball daily jackpot game this month too, much to the delight of their band of loyal online bingo players.  This is great news as even though the 90 ball £10k daily jackpot game is ending the 75 ball £1,000 jackpot version of the game is going nowhere just yet. The rules are pretty much the same but the share of the additional funds for the players in the same game reduces to £500.


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