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Mecca Bingo latest Instant Games

  • 17 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoMecca Bingo is known as having some of the best online bingo promotions around; they listen to their online bingo players requests and continuously make updates to their site to keep it fresh and interesting.  Mecca Bingo to keep fresh and exciting has recently added three new instant games that are based on popular television shows of the past and present.

The X-Factor

First off they have added a new scratch card to their site based on the hit reality TV programme called The X-Factor.  The X-Factor is one of Britain’s most successful and popular singing competitions and is watched by over 11 million people in the UK.  If you are missing your weekly X-Factor viewing then at least you can entertain yourself with Mecca Bingo new scratch card and maybe even win yourself some cash.


Now not everyone may remember Blockbuster but believe it or not it was on our screens for over 10 years.  You will be pleased to learn that the Mecca Bingo slot game version of the game with the same name also has the popular theme tune as well as the same iconic honeycomb grid that was featured in the game.  Blockbusters is a 15 line based slot game and just like the original programme you can take part in the ‘gold run’ bonus and if you manage to travel all the way across the board your bonuses will be doubled.  All together now “Can I have a ‘P’ please Bob?”

Family Fortunes

Family Fortunes is another firm favourite when it comes to British games shows and has been live on air for over 25 years.  Mecca Bingo has now made a slot game version of Family Fortunes which is a 20 line video slot game.  Make it through the ‘double money round’ and the ‘Big Money Bonus’ to guess what the top answers a survey of 100 people gave to certain questions, answer correctly and your winnings will be doubled!


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