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Mecca Bingo show how mad they are with £10k daily jackpot

  • 20 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoHey Mecca Bingo fans, did you know that the £10,000 Daily Jackpot is still running?  Just in case you have missed all the latest news the popular online bingo site has extended this promotion until the end of the month, so there are still plenty of the £10k winners out there yet to be revealed.  Playing this fantastic online bingo promotion is so easy even your dog could do it.  It really is just a case of playing in any of the usual 90 ball bingo rooms at Mecca Bingo each day, if the jackpot isn’t won by a player before lunchtime then the amount of balls is reduce making a win easier and easier through out the day till eventually – Jackpot!  Some lucky online bingo player will win the £10k for that day.

Not a squiddly little bingo jackpot

Mecca Bingo never do things by halves, so online bingo players won’t be scoring a titchy little £10 jackpot.  Of course Mecca Bingo could have spread the £10,000 jackpot throughout the month, but they decided instead to show how completely barking they are by giving a sizeable jackpot every single day in March. The thought of winning a £10k bingo jackpot in your standard everyday bingo room and not just an end of the month promo, makes a bingo players heart almost skip a beat.

Mecca Bingo makes our hearts skip a beat

As if that wasn’t excitement enough Mecca Bingo have also provided a further £1,000 prize that will be shared between funded players in the same game as the big bingo winner for the day.  The excitement builds throughout the day for all the players in the Mecca Bingo rooms, and certainly after midday when the jackpot starts to get just that little bit easier to win. Good news also, Mecca Bingo have made sure that the jackpot will be won each day before midnight so that they can offer a fresh new £10k prize the very next day.  We love you Mecca Bingo XXx


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