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Moments of madness on offer at online bingo site, Foxy Bingo

  • 12 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Foxy BingoNow the looooooong school summer holidays have arrived online bingo site, Foxy Bingo has decided that it is a nice idea to relieve the pressure from the bingo playing parents by giving all the busy mum’s and dad’s the opportunity to win family friendly prizes whilst playing their online bingo games at Foxy Bingo.  That kind-hearted fox is therefore starting an online bingo promotion this Monday the 13th July at Foxy Bingo called the Summer Days Super Prize Night.

Online bingo players can play online bingo for bargain prices too, as tickets are priced at only 1p, 2p and 5p with the opportunity to win great prizes for all the family to enjoy.  The fantastic online bingo prizes that are available to be won at Foxy Bingo are free tickets to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Sea Life Centre and even more excitingly a package that offers Aqua Sphering for two. The value of the prizes available to be won in the Foxy Bingo Summer Days Super Prize Night  promotion are anything from £12 up to £63, the Aqua Sphering being the top value prize on offer.

Foxy Bingo wants you to roll you down a hill at 30 mph!

For the uninitiated you may be unaware of what Aqua Sphering is, it is certainly an activity that any adrenalin junkie will enjoy.  Basically if you can imagine being placed inside a giant 12 foot inflatable bingo ball that is then laden with about 30 litres of water, then safely strapped inside the rider is then rolled down a hillside reaching speeds of 30 mph to arrive safely at the bottom, quite a little bit wetter and completely exhilarated.  Obviously any online bingo players who are pregnant or have a heart condition may not see the attraction of the Foxy Bingo Aqua Sphering prize and might be best to give this online bingo prize a miss!

This not to be missed online bingo promotion at Foxy Bingo starts at 8.00pm and the online bingo prizes are available to be won on various letter patterns.  Check out all the special Foxy Bingo Summer Days Super Prize Night online bingo games that run until 11.00pm and offer all these exciting adventure park ticket prizes and of course the crazy Aqua Sphering tickets for two.


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