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More ways to get to know the 888 Ladies

  • 05 Jun 09
  • Written by admin

 888 Ladies Bingo

After the success of their 888 jackpot last month, it’s hard to imagine how 888 Ladies Bingo could get any better in terms of players, but once again we are proud to announce they’ve managed it, and this time it’s all about you…

Show and tell, online bingo style

One of the latest features to appear on the 888 site is the Give Feedback feature, where you can let the site know of any questions or comments you have on their service. This option comes complete with a whole range of emoticons, so you can choose to let off steam or show them how happy you are to be a player as and when you feel like it. This latest addition to their fab range of player centric site may seem like a small gesture, but we here at the Hideout see it as a brilliant means of improvement. There are after all so many bingo sites out there now that as a newbie it’s hard to make a choice from the overwhelming number of sites available but in fact any bingo site that listens to its players will always shine above the rest. Responding to any player feedback quickly and effectively will give a site the edge it needs to stay on top in this very competitive market, so we urge our members who play here regularly to use this option no matter what you have to say.

Meet and greet your favourites in June

In addition to the feedback option, 888 Ladies are also inviting players to meet up in York in a couple of weeks, so you can have fun with your favourite CM’s face to face. Opening up the world of online bingo in this way is a huge leap forward for any bingo site, and allows the roomies to form firm friendships outside of the game as well as to get to know the CM’s better. As we’ve seen with online bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo, these meetings are always a huge success and ultimately pave the way for players to meet team members and favourite players while out on the town. This kind of kinship always leads to player loyalty as a result, so if you’re one of the lucky ones going to the Black Swan on June 12th, have fun!

Don’t miss out on the rest of the fun…

However you choose to get in touch with your favourite site, don’t forget to keep your eyes down on the progressive jackpots on offer at 888 Ladies Bingo and to check the schedules for their new Jackpot Mania games!

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