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OK Mag Bingo provides more fun per square inch than some!

  • 03 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

OK Mag Bingo There’s tons going on at OK Mag Bingo at the moment and if you haven’t ventured to OK Mag to enjoy the delights of the popular online bingo site before then you might like to rethink this decision right now.  For a kick off there is the £1,000 guaranteed bingo game on 8th May in the Celeb Room, where the OK Mag Bingo players can play for a very acceptable £1k, this jackpot was previously £500 so this is double the attraction for any devoted bingo player.

Tickets for this OK Mag Bingo game are £1 each, and although that is a little on the high side for the size of the jackpot it’s almost a drop in the ocean, for those with a busy lifestyle the tickets are available to pre-purchase. The£1,000 guaranteed bingo game starts at 10.30pm on Saturday, but it’s worth taking the opportunity to play the full hour as there are also a stack of free games offering jackpot funds up to £250.

Pick a Player promo, roomies need to nominate buddies

On the 11th May OK Mag Bingo has a Pick a Player Chat game, whereby a bingo winner can nominate another roomie playing in the same game to receive some free bonus points.  Players must nominate someone as quickly as possible as they only have a short period of time to suggest a name to the CH as a beneficiary.  Both players, the proposer and the nominee must have bought a minimum of 4 online bingo tickets for the winning game to be in with a chance to win – and excitingly both players will receive the sum hidden under the last bingo ball called which the game was won on.

First Birthday wishes by video

The above is of course just a sample of the exciting things going on this month at OK Mag Bingo, and if you haven’t heard already the bingo site is celebrating their first birthday this year.  Players who are keen to share their positive experiences playing at OK Mag Bingo should make a short video of about 15 to 30 seconds to send to the team.  It’s worth your while to do it too, as OK Mag Bingo will pay a £50 bonus to players who take the time and trouble to send in their thoughts and best wishes.


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