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£5k Bingo jackpot available in Cut Your Cards with Costa game

  • 05 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Costa BingoBingo Hideout understand that after the excesses of Christmas it is very easy for all of us, online bingo players included, to get ourselves in a financial muddle so having the opportunity to play a few cheap and cheerful bingo games with the potential of a jackpot pay day is always going to be attractive.  After all if you have to give up your night out at the cinema, nightclub or pub and have an evening in to save money then the price of a few online bingo tickets is great value for money entertainment.  Costa Bingo have come up with a promotion offering the chance to ‘Cut your Cards with Costa’, this promotion will pay the lucky winner £5,000 in cash to pay of their credit card bills.

Great £5k jackpot in the ‘Cut Your Cards with Costa’ game

The Cut Your Cards with Costa game takes place in the room with the same name (this can be found by clicking the Specials Tab) on 31st January at 8.00 pm.  The bingo tickets cost 25p each, so not outside of most players’ budgets and are available on a pre-purchase option.  Players can also earn free bingo tickets; these can be earned by playing bingo and instant games for points and for managing to bingo on the pattern of a pound sign.  Costa Bingo proudly boasts of their latest bingo promotion: ‘How would it feel to cut up all your credit card bills and not have to pay them? Well now you can with our Cut your cards with Costa jackpot! You could win a whopping £5,000 to pay off all your credit cards!’

Not sure if the Costa Bingo message is quite the right one to send to people struggling to clear their post Christmas debts though, with the credit card imagery and the option to play more bingo and instant games to earn one free 25p bingo ticket.  That said all bingo players have the choice whether to spend their available cash playing excessive amounts of bingo and instant games or using the cash to clear their credit cards instead. We are sure Bingo Hideout readers are sensible enough to only purchase as many bingo tickets as they can afford.


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