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Sun Bingo shines on in Autumn

  • 07 Oct 09
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Sun Bingo

Since it’s the beginning of a new month, it’s always interesting to see what the many online bingo sites in our Directory have to offer their players. This month however, we thought we stop over at the Sun Bingo site in particular since they certainly broke some records having given away an amazing 100 cars! Wondering how on earth they could top that spurred us on, and here’s what we found……

Free cash! Who ever heard of anything better?

With a free bingo fortnight as an opener, this marvellous offer runs till October 18th in the Fashion Club between 8pm and 10pm. These games offer you prizes starting at £10 through to £50 for a full house, and since you pay nada, what could be better?

Crossing swords with the most popular show on telly right now

Since The Sun Bingo is obviously a spin off from the incredibly popular newspaper, you would expect the bingo site to be as ‘on it’ as far as the latest and most exciting telly programmes to grip the nation as the paper is. The bingo site like the paper doesn’t miss a trick once the publics imagination has been captured, so this month the sunbingo.co.uk are gearing up for the X Factor live show. Offering players the chance to enter the draw for the hottest tickets in town, you’ve got till this Sunday to play The X Factor Steps to Stardom game which will take you where everyone will want to be on the night. For every time you get through to the bonus round, you’ll be entered into this exclusive prize draw, so get ready to prove you’ve got the X Factor today!

The Sacred Cowell?

The Sun has also extended its buy one get one free offer so that you can now BOGOF every weekend from 2-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. All you need do to benefit from their generosity is buy a 90-ball ticket and you’ll get your freebie on top.

Proving again and again that all their players are winners on this fun site -even if they don’t have the X Factor- the huge community at the Sun is at the heart of what makes online bingo so popular. So, pop over today to see who’s online and to see if you’re next to be plucked from obscurity to see Simon Cowell live.


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