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Super ticket winner at Game Village

  • 19 Feb 09
  • Written by admin

Game Village BingoHaving introduced the Super Ticket game less than a month ago, the Game Village Bingo site has it’s first winner. The latest in a long line of innovative 90-ball games, having a Super Ticket is the modern equivalent of having won a Golden Ticket to the famous Wonka Chocolate Factory, and means you could like MichaelMouse win as much as £2k on top of a full house!


Best laid plans of mice and men

At only 25p these tickets are great mini scratchies and can offer prizes of anywhere between £0 and £2,000. Check out your golden box while in the game, and like this the first of many lucky players you too could find out how it feels to strike gold when you play bingo online.


Interviewed only a short time after his big win, MichaelMouse had this to say, “I am so excited! I won about 3 hours ago and haven’t really been able to play again since lol, I’m still on the floor! I nearly didn’t buy for that game as I was so busy chatting, I’m soooo glad I did! You always think the “BIG ONES” won’t come out, but I am proof that they really do! I love the site (even before the win…… but more now!) and the regulars are fantastic! Also can’t leave the radio alone (I’m sure I will be banned soon for being on it to often lol) I would like to thank you sooooo much and to my fellow Game Villagers be lucky and enjoy! I am still a bit beside myself lol and I have opened the wine!!!!”

Enjoy the radio in the comfort of your Village home

This lucky winner was able to share his delight with his fellow Villagers thanks to the wonder of the Village Radio. As one of the few sites to offer a radio station, gamevillage.com helps to further create the feeling of a community by broadcasting moments like this as well as advertising upcoming events. Listen in between every night between 7 and midnight to keep up with what’s going on in the village.

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