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Tasty Bingo £2k Summer Holiday promo, hopefully no volcanos!

  • 12 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tasty BingoNew and rather funky, Tasty Bingo are celebrating their first summer with a new £2k Summer Holiday promotion.  The latest exciting online bingo promo will see Tasty Bingo account holders having the chance to play in a super new bingo game where they could win a full house prize of £1,500 – which would be plenty to take a fab summer holiday.  There will be jackpots of £350 for a two line win and £150 for a one line, for the game that takes place on Sunday 4th July at 7.00 pm.

Tasty Bingo has lots of Tasty points on offer

The tickets for the Tasty Bingo £2k Summer Holiday game cost £1 each and are available to pre-purchase but more importantly from a player perspective tickets can also be purchased free by earning Tasty Points.  Players will be rewarded with Tasty Points for sending in tasty stories of their holiday exploits, for scoring a bingo on the airplane, sun and ‘H’ pattern, and for wagering real cash on bingo and instant games. Tasty Bingo players can exchange their accumulated bingo points for tickets, the points are valued at 500 Tasty Points per £1 bingo ticket and players can purchase up to 60 online bingo tickets for the game either by cash purchase or by using their Tasty Points.

Pushing the online bingo boundaries

This wonderful bingo offer adds yet another thrilling dimension to the Tasty Bingo site, and of course an exciting reason for online bingo players to play at the brand spanking new bingo site.  Tasty Bingo know that their online bingo fans are expecting quality and a little something extra, and they seem to be delivering on that requirement constantly since their launch, and this promotion is testament to their commitment to their bingo players.


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