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Tell us where you’re at

  • 28 Feb 09
  • Written by admin

More evidence this week that online bingo continues on its endless climb into the stratosphere of success in the form of the huge Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo promos. With the likes of Foxy Bingo offering a £1million giveaway, it’s easy to see that as the money comes into the big name sites, the promos get bigger and better.

Up, up and away

Given the success of bingo online and all the surrounding online versions of gambling games online, this week at the Hideout, we’ve been pondering exactly what our members get up to outside of a game of online bingo. In other words, we’d like to know whether it’s just internet bingo that does it for you, or if you like many others sometimes drop in on other gambling sites too.

Where do you like to hang out?

In other words, we’d love to hear from you as to whether you play live bingo or any of the other games we have sister sites for. With the popularity of online poker, casino and betting games growing all the time, which of these game types floats your boat and which does nothing for you?

As always you can get in touch through the forum, where if you have any questions, one of the Hideout staff should be able to find you some answers, or if you contact us direct through the forum, you may find that another member might know.

Just drop us a line

Having set up Hideouts for all these game types, remember that while you can get same quality of information over at our other sites as well as here at our bingo site, our first allegiance is of course with the game of internet bingo. As you will have gathered since we first since appeared on your screens, we always want to help and so look forward to hearing from you, no matter what your question.

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