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The Sun Bingo

  • 28 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

The Sun online bingo

As you’re probably aware The Sun Bingo site has recently been cited as having the largest share of online bingo players of any UK based site. The Sun is of course a recognisible brand which millions are already comfortable with, and as a hugely popular tabloid it has the power to promote its site’s benefits without yet moving into the realm of TV promotion.

Sun, fun and keeping it in the family

Clearly the best example of a very successful self-promotion project, this site concentrates on only a few fun sidegames and instead puts an absolute emphasis on sociability. This site is pared down by comparison to those who hold tourneys every month and have regimented daily and weekly promotions in order to maintain player numbers but this doesn’t seem to matter to those who are already signed up.

Promoting its site to those who enjoy the brand exclusively at the moment, the roomies on this site know they are in with a crowd of a similar mind set and this seems to be a massive consideration its huge success. We at Bingo Hideout think that one of this site’s best features is its ability to hone in on the players and what they are getting from the site, investing time in updating the site to reflect new player wins and player galleries rather than in flash graphics which promote the site and its features. That means roomies on this site get to the features they care about quicker without having to navigate around superfluous pages.

A clear focus

The Sun Bingo has also just introduced a new sidegame to its fold: the Hamster Race at the Movies game. As a development on the original Hamster Race game this new addition is proving very popular and is also very funny. The Sun is one of very few sites who have not invested in a whole range of sidegames only featuring Cinco and Battleships (as well as Hamster Race) alongside the main bingo games. That means players can concentrate on
the serious business of the main game. With other sites currently offering everything from casino to numbers games, it can be the case that the main bingo game gets left behind in favour of a bigger and better slot game, but not on this site!

Simple sign up

Sign up is an extremely easy process here with a £25 sign up bonus on offer. There is no loyalty scheme for players on this site, which is quite unusual compared to other sites that throw money and bonuses at new roomies in order to get them to sign up their friends and play in the long term. The Sun is then a very confident version of what we see
elsewhere in the bingo universe and seems to swagger up to you and say: “you’re going to enjoy this and all your friends are probably here already!” With over a hundred different CM’s this site has invested money where it’s really needed, over and above promotions for weedy prizes. This is another important innovation in the world of
online bingo because though we love sites that have dedicated CMs who we can get to know, it’s also exciting to have new faces in the room all the time.

Keep it simple

In a nut shell, the success of this site comes from its simplicity. It doesn’t give you the hard sell or try to keep you as a player for the long haul, which is a refreshing approach to keeping players interested and relies on the community already associated with the brand to provide the promotion for the site within itself.

Showing player profiles and only focusing on winners before any mention of promotion or gameplay is a brilliant method of hooking people and it’s working very well for them.


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