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Tombola Bingo launches a super seasonal bingo game

  • 29 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tombola BingoBingo Hideout say … Yay! Christmas is just around the corner and in way of celebration Tombola Bingo have a new free online bingo game to entertain the bingo playing troops called Santa’s Little Melters.  This new free bingo game on the popular online bingo site starts on 1st December and runs every day until Christmas Eve, so players can treat it like a kind of bingo advent calendar.  To participate Tombola bingo account holders firstly need to ensure they have made a deposit since the 1st October otherwise it is not possible to take part, so get your online bingo account at Tombola topped up so that you get to take part in this exciting new game.

Tombola’s new seasonal bingo game is really easy to play, each day bingo players visit Tombola and enter the Santa’s Little Melter room to melt the corresponding number on one of the igloos. The igloo once melted will reveal a coloured symbol, players need to match 3 identical symbols to win a prize.  The prizes for this game are pretty amazing and players can win more than one prize in this fab free bingo game.  Prizes up for grabs range from a bonus of £5 up to a maximum of £5,000, which as a prize on a free online bingo game is pretty outstanding.

Tombola Bingo’s latest game is bound to be a festive favourite with online bingo players and will serve as a useful tool to keep an eye on how many shopping days are left till the big day.  AAaagh, what a scary thought, less than a month till Christmas! Bingo Hideout hopes that all our readers have lots of happy Santa’s little Melter days!


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