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Tombola Bingo put a spin on an old favourite

  • 09 Jun 09
  • Written by admin

Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo as many players of online bingo will already be aware one of the biggest success stories of the last year. Since flying solo as an online bingo site in its own right last year, Tombola has proved time and again that providing players with a multitude of choice as far as rooms and games go is the winning formula that keeps them coming back time and again.

Freefall falls into disuse

Despite the huge success that tombola.co.uk are enjoying, they are still looking for ways to improve their site on behalf of their players. This week sees the announcement that this dynamic site has made yet another radical move and this time its to replace their trademark game Freefall for a free game! This move to compete with other big brands offering free game is no surprise for one of the market leaders, but deciding to make this move at the expense of one of their most popular games certainly is.

Scratch that bingo itch!

The new game is called Lucky Pick and offers players a new way to play on the site, with the week long tourneys offering bonus prizes and a huge £20,000 jackpot. To win this exciting game you’ll have to work hard to match the cash prizes. For every day you play there are six chances to do this, and since the grid for this game is 10×9 you can be assured there are 49 cash values hidden in each grid. Similar to a scratchie but with a bingo twist this new game requires that you match the value amounts to win the amount shown.

Who would say no to freebie fun?

With prizes of up to £500, this free game is sure to keep the players coming back every day as the chances of winning are very high. The best bit of this game is the reveal at the end of the week, where you’ll learn of how close you were to winning!

Despite this reshuffle, regular players will be happy to hear the rest of this site’s hugely popular games remain untouched, leaving you free to indulge in bingo 90, bingo 80 and bingo lite as well as their side games any time after you’ve checked in with Lucky Pick!


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