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Tombola Bingo rolls out spooky fun

  • 04 Nov 09
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Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo has since its separation from the sun bingo last year become one of the highest profile sites around and with its current new ad campaign continues to raise the bar for other sites. Having changed its trademark roller coaster look to their latest incarnation the ‘paradise bingo destination’ look, tombola.co.uk have attracted many new members all of whom are sure to be eagerly anticipating their latest Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations. To kick start the holiday celebrations, Tom Bola Bingo is giving away £10,000 over five games. Play between 8-10pm and you’ll be a part of each of the £2,000 jackpot games. Starting every half an hour, these treats are worthy of anyone’s stash bag this Halloween, so don’t forget to bring yours!

Sit back and wait for the fireworks

You can also win it big on Bonfire Night where if you get playing bingo 90 at the same times you’ll get the chance to do it all over again! This level of excitement should be enough for any true adrenaline junkie, just make sure you don’t forget to get the sweets in beforehand!

Games that go with a bang

Tombola is also the home of many other bingo related games, all of which are hugely popular with their players such as the unique Bingo50 and Bingolite. Bingo50 is a fantastic game since it combines our favourite game with the fun of popping bubbles on a strip of bubble wrap! With prizes from £250 to £1,000 you can even choose how much to play for this cool game. Tickets cost between 25p – £1 so you can also have as much fun as you like, at a price that you love.

Here’s what you could have won…..

Our side game recommendation for this site however, is that you get in the Lucky Pick game. There are many reasons why we love this game, but the best is that it’s free and you can play it everytime you log in! In every game you get to choose six spaces on the board, and if you match the cash amounts you can take that amount to the bank! Brilliant!

With prizes of up to £500 there’s no reason why not to play and even if you’re not lucky this week, you’ll still get to see how close you were when all the shutters pull back on Sunday to reveal what’s behind them! Good luck!


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