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Tombola Bingo start counting down the days

  • 03 Dec 09
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Tombola Bingo

We like to think that the ‘holiday season’ starts at the very beginning of December at the Hideout, so we are gearing up for the fun in the office with advent calendars and bowls of sweets appearing every day. It’s not just us that are channelling the Christmas Spirit however, there’s plenty of the fun stuff to be had at Tombola Bingo and in the best tradition it all starts on the 1st December…

Dear Santa, I would like an elf this year……..

The latest free game from Tom Bola Bingo is a true celebration of all that’s good about Christmas since it’s all about their love for all their players. The cool game also includes elves, snow, and -best of all- presents from a prize pool of £100,000! The Santa’s Little Melters game gives the famous elves the chance to shine this year and you too can have one working on your behalf to melt an igloo in order to reveal a symbol. Match three of these and you’ll win the prize shown. With wins of up to £5,000 on offer there really are plenty of reasons to put an order in for your own friendly elf at tombola.co.uk on your Santa list this year.

If you’re not already a player at this fab site, it’s worth noting that there’s currently a bonus of up to £25 available to newbies on offer at the moment. Tombola is well known to our members as being one of the sites with the widest choice of bingo games in our Directory, but it’s good to remember that they also offer some fab side games that will appeal to most players.

Twelve days of Christmas, twelve choices of table games

With choices of both classic games such as Battleships and new classic games such as the hilarious Hamster Race there really is a bit of something for everyone. We are currently stuck on their cool Cinco game at the office as it makes us feel a bit glam. There are twelve rooms in this section of the site and stakes range from 10p to 40p so you can choose a game that suits your budget while pretending you’re in a Bond film. There are prizes of up to £20,000 up for grabs in the Cinco rooms so have a wander and see where you feel the most at home Monte Carlo, Miami or Cannes.


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