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What tasty treats can players find at Tasty Bingo?

  • 16 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tasty BingoOnline bingo fans will now be well aware of Tasty Bingo after the TV advertising commercial and of course the many articles on bingo portals such as Bingo Hideout regarding the new bingo site’s launch.  Now that all our readers have got used to the idea of the Tasty Bingo site being around we thought we would pass on news of all the promotions that the amazing new site has to offer.  The promotions page itself at Tasty Bingo is a pretty amazing affair, with images reminiscent of a menu of an American style diner like Planet Hollywood.  This of course is just a small taster of the many treats to come on delving into the Tasty Bingo site.

We want ours with no anchovies please!

The guys at Tasty Bingo have a whole selection box of bingo promotions and offers, and without doubt there will be something for everyone with every available budget to enjoy.  There is our personal favourite here in the Bingo Hideout office ‘A Penny for a Pizza’ promotion, we are all desperate to win this one each Thursday in the hope that we will be on the receiving end of the £30 pizza meal deal.  The bingo game tickets cost only a penny each (surprise surprise) so at a price tag so low it is easy to max out with the 96 possible tickets.  The lucky winner receives a full meal for the family (or office colleagues) of pizza, dips, drinks, garlic bread and puddings all courtesy of the Tasty Bingo team.

Flash the cash for bigger pots

For those that are after a little bit more in the way of prizes than just some lovely grub there is a full menu of cash prizes for online Tasty bingo players delectation.  There is the Friday Feast, the ingredients of which are aimed at the bingo player with a little more cash to flash.  The £1 bingo tickets can be purchased to a maximum of 48 and will pay £20 for a one line win, £30 for a two line and £150 jackpot prize for a full house, this game takes place at 8.30pm and bingo tickets are available on a pre-purchase.  For those players that are looking for a larger jackpot still they can take part in the £500 Tasty Treat, this 90 ball bingo will pay out £50 for a one line, £150 for a two line and £300 for a full house jackpot win, again tickets are £1 each and a maximum of 48 bingo cards can be purchased.
This is only a sampling of the bingo treats that are as tasty as the bingo site itself.  Check out the promotions page for yourself at the Tasty Bingo site, you won’t be disappointed – the site will however give you the munchies!


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