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What’s Been Happening at Gala Bingo

  • 30 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

Gala online bingo Gala Bingo has recently been cited as having the second largest share of the online bingo market in a survey conducted over the last year. As one of our top recommended sites at Bingo Hideout, we’d like to go over why we think this is for those of you who haven’t played there before.

Familiarity breeds… investment

The Gala brand has always been a big player in the world of bingo with a committed player base in all its forms ever since it started out. Despite this strong history the promoters of the online bingo site version of the Gala game have set it further apart from the rest by spearheading new trends in terms of promotion and game play.

Adopting Sharon Osborne as the face of the brand means this site speaks to those who are of a similar age range as her (which is often assumed to be the largest proportion of the market) and at the same time to those who love her as a result of her celebrity profile. Made famous in the hit TV show The Osbournes and X Factor, Mrs Osbourne is a high profile celebrity at the moment and gives off the sense of being a maternal figure that has a genuine love of people in general.

An inspired choice, having Sharon Osbourne as the face of the site gives potential players a sense of familiarity and has underpinned the idea that having an endorsement by a household name for an online bingo site means the brand establishes its ability to pick up more players than ever.

Big name games, cool graphics, user-friendly fun

Having moved the trend for celebrity on apace, Gala has also invested heavily in familiar game formats so new and existing players can enjoy their chosen game type without having to learn new rules. This strategy affords the site a further sense of ease for the players and makes it a heavyweight among other Internet bingo sites with the returns from these formats going into progressive and bigger jackpots. With names such as Deal Or No Deal and the Wheel Of Fortune under its belt, Gala are assured of sparking players interest whether as a side game or an additional game to the main bingo session.


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