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Which sites offer points that make prizes?

  • 25 Nov 08
  • Written by

Points make prizesWith Christmas creeping ever closer, I for one am looking for ways to avoid the High Street and the long queues. We all know that an easy way to get around all this is buying online, but how about combining the time you spend when you play uk bingo with getting the presents in?

This week I've been scanning our Directory for bingo sites that offer prizes so that you can play at the right place to save time and worry. A cunning tactic I'm sure you'll agree and with sites such as Gala, one that's guaranteed to pay off.

Nectar at Gala

Gala Bingo now offers players Nectar Points for play so that you can collect points that can add up to presents for loved ones before Christmas or for you after the dust has settled. All you have to do is register your Nectar card with Gala and you'll get 2 points for every £1 you play with. Offering everything from Xmas books to membership of their wine club this year, now's the time to get a nectar card if you play with Gala and get rewarded how you want for your game.

More, more, more

There are many other sites however that offer players points toward prizes such as Jackpot Joy, Free Bingo and Game Village. These sites allow you to play free bingo as well as to collect points toward a prize draw, but unlike at Gala you cannot choose the nature of your reward.

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