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William Hill Bingo makes every day great

  • 17 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

William Hill Bingo William Hill Bingo always wants to treat their online bingo players to online bingo fun, and practically everyday there is something to entertain, enthral and hopefully to win.

William Hill Bingo offer a fab Ticket Top Up Hour, this takes place on a Wednesday and sees players gaining free bingo tickets when they purchase tickets for the online bingo games that take place in the Bargain Basement.

Please see below:

*Players who purchase one online bingo ticket to join in the first two games that hour will receive one free bingo ticket – so a traditional BOGOF

*The next two games players who buy one ticket will receive two tickets free

*This free ticket offer increases every two games till players receive five free bingo tickets for every one purchased at 9.50pm, again this is available for two games.

Don’t forget to take part in the free games on Monday

William Hill Bingo also offer an exciting four hour free bingo session each of the free bingo games has a prize fund of £15each, which means that throughout each bingo session a total of £600 will be given away. Players can join in the free bingo games between 11.00 am and 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm until 3.00 pm, 5.00pm until 6.00 pm and also 10.30 p, until 11.30pm at William Hill Bingo throughout May.

Be in the TV Lounge for £3k on 22nd May

Yep you read that right! There is an amazing prize fund of £3,000 available to be won in the TV Lounge. Players can pay as little as £3 to take part in the 10 special online bingo games, although the more tickets players buy the better the deal! In fact players who max out and buy 72 tickets for £19.50 will save a massive £16.50 – and they will also improve their chances of winning too! These exciting 90 ball bingo games offer full house prizes ranging from £100 in game one to £500 in game 10. Good Luck!


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