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Wink Bingo and other top sites set their prize pots higher

  • 24 Nov 09
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Wink BingoThis week we thought we’d celebrate one of the best features of playing online bingo; the jackpot! While we spend a lot of time looking into the latest promos tips and loyalty schemes on your behalf, we realised that perhaps a round up of all the latest mega prizes might be of use too. So, here it is a quick guide to the biggest jackpots of the moment; we’ll try to stay on top of this one from now on, so stay on the lookout!

A huge prize pot every day

First up we wanted to share the new Jackpotastic Week from Wink Bingo. We’ve not heard too much from this cool site of late, and now we know why. With a new choice of jackpot or prizes every day of the week, these new specials are better than your average Buy One Get One Free offer! So, what’s the deal? Well the new weekday jackpots mean that on Mondays and Thursdays you can win £500, while Tuesdays offer up a grand £1,000 prize pot. Wednesdays offer choices of a £50 cash prize or gifts galore, though if you love a treat check out Sunday nights too. As you would expect, they’ve saved the biggest pots till the weekend, so Fridays have £5000 up for grabs and Saturday has a fab £2,500!

Put the 30th in your diary today

Having just finished their Pink Box promo, the buzz is back on at Mecca Bingo at the moment since they are now hosting a £50,000 cash prize mega booster jackpot! This ridiculously large prize has to be won by 30th November, so bingo in 33 balls or less in an advertised 90-ball game and it will all be yours. However, if the pot is not won by that date, Mecca promise to add another £50,000 to the pot and they will add more balls every hour!

Meanwhile there are more simmering away….

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s also a couple of PJP’s over at Posh Bingo that are well worth keeping your eye on. If you like 75-ball style for example, get in the Stiletto game and watch for the Stiletto pattern. Finish it within 38 calls or less and it’s yours. There’s also the STRETCH limo game in the 90-ball rooms. Make sure you’re in a STRECTCH game and shout house to win. Remember that when either of these pots are won they will be reset to £100 so keep your eyes on the prize!


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