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Wink Bingo celebrates in time for Halloween fun

  • 28 Oct 09
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Wink Bingo

It’s your last chance to check out which of the big holiday games offer the best prizes and jackpots this week, so we thought we ought to take a look at two of the biggest sites in our Directory for you to save on time. Don’t forget whatever your plans pre-buys are all the rage so be sure to get in the game even if you’re out on the night!

It’s a scream!

It’s Shriek Week at 888 Ladies Halloween where the jackpot is a massive £8,888! Their monthly jackpot arrives just in time for the Holiday this week, and it’s sure that whoever walks away with this amazing prize will be pretty spooked out by their luck! The big game arrives on Friday the 30th so that you can get that much needed boost to your Halloween party budget as well as to your bank account! Imagine the amazing costume you could have by Saturday if you hit the pot on Friday night! With plenty of pre-buy tickets available, it’s worth stocking up now so you don’t miss out on the chance to have an eerie surprise this weekend! If you miss out on the big one however, don’t’ forget that 888 Ladies also offer players a huge £500 pot in their freebie games every week! Get in the game weekdays in the Bloomin’ Bubbly Bingo room to play for £300 or better still get in play on the weekends and you could take home £500 for free! There are even prizes for one liners and two lines so what’s to lose?

Why 2k?

There’s also an amazing chance to win 2k at Wink Bingo this weekend. The game kicks off on Friday 30th in the 2k Club. 90-ball bingo is still one of the most popular games in the world of online bingo, so there are sure to be plenty of takers on the night before Halloween this year. The game starts at 9.30pm and since tickets are only 25p, there’s no reason to miss out on the chance to revolutionise All your Hallowed celebrations and beyond. Pre-buy your tickets at the main winkbingo site if you’re busy and you’ll even receive a healthy prize in your account for a one line or two line! Good luck and be sure to have plenty of gruesome fun this week no matter what you do!


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