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Wink Bingo offers Playa Del Wink Promotion

  • 18 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Wink BingoWink Bingo has an amazing fun and exciting promotion for their beloved online bingo players, the Playa Del Wink offer.  Wink Bingo are offering some amazing prizes in this promotion which will see the lucky winners receiving holiday vouchers or cash to enable them to have a wonderful summer holiday.  The special 90 ball bingo game where players can win the prizes takes place on Sunday the 4th July and access can be gained to the game via the Playa Del Wink room tab.

Holiday of a lifetime possible to win

Wink Bingo has stacks of prizes available to win in the Playa Del Wink promotion; in fact there are 5 prizes available for the lucky online bingo players to win.  There is a 2TG prize which will provide the winner with £200 cash, the 1TG Wink Bingo winner will scoop £300, for a one line win the lucky winner will receive £750 in Thompson travel vouchers plus £250 cash to spend.  Things start to really hot up by the time the two line winner is called as this Wink Bingo player will receive £1,500 in Thompson holiday vouchers plus £500 cash in spending money.  Saving the best till last of course, the Full House winner in the Playa Del Wink promotions will receive a totally awesome £2,000 in Thompson holiday vouchers plus £500 in spenders!

Prizes could be won for free!

The Wink Bingo Playa Del Wink tickets cost £2 each so maybe a little out of reach of players on a budget, but good old Wink Bingo have covered that angle too as they are providing free bingo tickets for players to earn also.  These free bingo tickets can be received by earning points by various methods, from managing to bingo on the sunlounger pattern to posting comments on the Wink Bingo facebook profile page wall.  Players need to earn 500 points to receive one bingo ticket for the Playa Del Wink game.


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