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Wink virals? We say ‘Yes’!

  • 27 Jun 08
  • Written by admin

Wink Bingo is another site attracting a lot of industry attention at the moment, and their viral ad campaign is now being heavily circulated via email and shared links, bringing in more interest and players than ever. Only launched in Feb of this year, Wink is proving to be a strong competitor with many players taking up residency there after the sign up period.

This viral campaign, which features three elderly ladies in their local bingo hall talking is a massive boon to the site and to the popularity of bingo altogether. Demonstrating how current Internet bingo is and underlining the popularity of the Internet as a subtext this campaign is both clever and amusing.

Each of these virals is set in a fictional local bingo hall threatened with closure. It is inhabited by a pitiful number of players who don’t appear to be enjoying their game at all and are playing for small rewards. The mainstay of these virals is of course the conversations these colourful characters have on topics such as the Ghetto, and City brokers. Over the course of these mini ads, these characters save their precious hall and are fondly named the Wise Gals.

These innovative and creative ads are good fun and Bingo Hideout see why these ads are so proving so popular with
players and non-players alike. The clever thing about these ads is that the setting may seem dull but they conversation is amusing and ‘current’ despite the age of the characters. These may be older ladies but they chat in teen speak and it is this juxtaposition that makes for an amusing ad no matter how you look at it.

These ladies discuss the ‘Interweb’ and muse over how you can even do your banking using it now. There is some protestation that they like a bit of ‘human interaction’ but this clever campaign goes a long way to prove that speaking to those who don’t play online bingo because of a reserved attitude toward social gaming doesn’t mean you have to shout the facts about the excitement and fun to be had to get your point over.

Those who haven’t tried Internet bingo because of its detachment from face to face play are represented as being of an older generation who just “don’t get it”, putting a spin on the industry staple of young women having fun in front of their computer. As a result, we at Bingo Hideout think Wink Bingo have come up with a truly innovative means of promoting the fun and sociable face of online bingo and we commend Wink for taking this bold step.


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