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You can now bank on this weekend being loads of fun

  • 02 May 09
  • Written by admin

Ladbrokes Bingo

It’s May madness across many sites starting this weekend, so before you head for the hills with your picnic basket, make sure you check out all the fun that’s to be had online.

For example, Ladbrokes Bingo are offering their players a whole heap of fun and games over the first Bank Holiday Weekend of this year such as free bingo games every fifteen minutes between 12pm and 12am! Join your favourite roomies in the Bedroom and you could be one of the lucky players to walk away with £25 with no outlay! What’s more, this promo is not just for the Bank Holiday Weekend, it’s for the month, so you can still enjoy a barbecue if the weather holds and not have to miss out on all the freebie fun. The weekender fun doesn’t even stop there; with every second game played between 8pm and 10pm across the weekend being free, you can pick up up £200 at no cost too! Isn’t it nice when sites show you just how much they love you? We sure do think so at the Hideout and we must confess to looking forward to a weekend’s free play quite a lot this month!

What’s your lucky number?

We know how much you love getting a heads up on a promo at the Hideout, so we thought we’d point you in the right direction for the next Bank Holiday Weekend with regards to the number 7. Regular players on the Ladbrokes Bingo site will want to keep their eyes down for this number between 29th May and 1st June. Put the game times of 11am-1pm and 7pm and 9pm in your diary as that’s when the Lucky 7 game is on. Get in the Bedroom and the Attic during those times and you’ll find that if the number 7 is called within the first 10 balls, every one in the room will win £20!

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