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£20 No Deposit Bonus

Bingo Cafe UK Current Stats:

  • No Deposit Bonus: £20
  • Initial Bonus: 300% up to £100
  • Repeat Bonus: 20% up to £100

Bingo Cafe is operated by Alderney and runs on the Leapfrog software platform, which has an unusual selling point, as it offers their online bingo players the chance to play in a 3D bingo world. The only downfall to this is that you cannot simply sign up and start playing, as you have to first of all download the software for the site. Now we must admit that we were pretty dubious about this at the beginning; the guys in the office are an impatient bunch and so just want to be able to start playing bingo straight away, without having to mess about having to download software. So with a bit of a heavy heart we downloaded the Bingo Café software and joined up to become a member. To be honest it wasn’t too much of a pain. It only took around five minutes to fill in their registration form and download the site, and in the end turned out to be much easier then we first anticipated. Basically all you have to do is following the on screen instructions and Bob's your uncle, the site is downloaded before you know it.

Bingo Bonus

Once you have the site software installed, you will find that you have been given a free bingo bonus of £20 free; this is given as a simple thank you for signing up to the Bingo Café site. If you do decide to go on and make your first deposit, then they will also top it up with a super generous 300% bingo bonus…. And with up to 300bbs up for grabs you have to admit it is pretty crazy offer! So for example if you deposit £10 then you will receive a £30 bonus.


At the beginning of the review we mentioned that Bingo Cafe had a unique selling point and that is that every player is given their very own 3D avatar to place in the Bingo Café virtual world. It gets better though, as you can also customise your avatar to suit your personality. Once you have signed up to Bingo Café your avatar will automatically be placed in the ‘lobby’, which has been given the look of a posh city café to keep in with their theme. Players can then navigate their avatar throughout the site, where they will walk or sometimes glide to a chosen destination. Once you have chosen a bingo room to play in, you then have to pick a table for your Avatar to sit and play at before you can enter the bingo room. The bingo rooms load quickly and there is also live assistance available on the first couple of visits that you make. This provides helpful tips on how to pick up bingo cards etc. These tips are displayed as simple pop up speech bubbles, pointing towards different areas of the site. In fact Bingo Café really have gone the whole hog when it comes to helping their players out, they have Live customer Help available 24/7, tutorials to help the players who are new to the game and even guides complete with screen shots on the majority of their bingo and instant games, which give you easy step by step guides on how to play.


Bingo Cafe is a very social site that allows their players to join in with chat even if they are not in a bingo room; therefore, you can have a good old natter to your mates even if you are in the lobby, picking up a virtual coffee. Another interesting factor is that they even have a different chat room called ‘Slot Chat’, which you can talk in whilst having a spin on some of your favourite slot games – we are rather taken with their ‘Riches of Wonderland’ slot game that has an Alice in Wonderland theme.


Bingo Café also have a wide range of online bingo and slot tourneys running at their site, where players can pick themselves up some additional cash prizes or bingo bonuses. Now we expect you are just itching to know if there are any free bingo games up and running at their site and the answer is....yes! The free bingo can only be accessed by funded players who have made a deposit at their site in the last seven days. When and where you play the free bingo games also depends essentially on luck. There are 12 hours set aside for free bingo at Bingo Cafe but the games run at random in the Bistro Bar and Abbey Road rooms. The only way to play here then is to purchase your cards as usual and hope the CM calls it as a free bingo game in which case your money's refunded and hopefully with a little extra added to it. Some may see this as a downfall of the site while others may think it adds to the excitement of play. We're as yet undecided on this one, so we'll leave it up to you to decide.


Although Bingo Café offers such a unique selling point, the software and the look of the site is a little dated. There are casino and poker sites out there featuring state-of-the-art platforms and sadly because of this, there is a slightly jaded feel to the Bingo Café site. However if you are looking to play at an online bingo site that has a simple uncomplicated ‘Second Life’ feel, and a step away from the usual bog standard online bingo brands then Bingo Café is most definitely the site for you. Why not check the site out for yourself now and see what you think?


Bonus information for Bingo Cafe UK

  • Initial deposit bonus 300% Free up to £100 eg: if you make an initial deposit of £10 you will get £30 free (minimum deposit £10).
  • Repeat deposit bonus 20% Free up to £100 eg: if you make a further deposit of £10 you will get £2 free

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